Welcome to Talk to Me!

Talk to Me is a supportive space where you can learn more about Bach Flower System, while also being heard, anonymously.


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It is a quick consultation on Bach Flower Therapy along the lines of an Agony Aunt columns.

For just a fraction of my regular 1:1 session fee, you can have my advice on a unique mix to help you balance your emotions and mental wellbeing. So, what’s the catch? All I ask in return is that you give your consent for me to publish the contents of your letter (all or fragments of it), with an alias to protect your privacy, and my suggestions of the essences which might help you and why.


In that way, I can broaden the participation as this will not only allow people who don’t have time for a full consultation, or don’t feel comfortable sharing their issues face to face to a wellbeing practitioner, or cannot invest on a 1:1 at the moment – but also to build up a helpful library for anyone wanting to learn more about Bach Flower Remedies.


Just like people use to send letters to magazines - or to their personal practitioner - here, by means of technology you can tell me your concerns with the help of an online form.


Please note that remedies & mixing bottles are not included, and must be arranged otherwise by you.


Disclaimer: I will need your details and written consent, for my record keeping. That will rest in client-practitioner’s confidentiality, and won't be shared with third parties.


So, what do you say?

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