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"Let’s get you Balanced, Centred, Serene, Self-Assured and with a great feeling of being safe in your own life."

Say goodbye to chronic stress, to a cloudy mind, lack of memory, irritability and melancholy.

Which therapies and techniques to choose from is not urgent, what is important is that we will look into your inner self – your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Together we will work on your blockages, beliefs, even unconscious trauma that might be hidden and any personality traits that are out of balance - and begin a journey towards your most compatible lifestyle.

Each person is singular, with a unique life experience and as such, requires a particular process.  

Individual Consultations


Just you and me - in person in London, or worldwide via videocall.
You have my undivided attention in a completely confidential environment.
This way we can dig deeper into your specific needs and situation.

With my skills in hand we can mix and match them to, respecting your beliefs and values, restore your peace of mind and state of harmony -being it from tracing a plan of de-stressing; to solving emotional issues that are out of balance; to strengthening your spiritual path, removing blocks, promoting change in habits and way you feel.

During our Assessment Call we will decide together which therapies and how many sessions you will require so that you can truly transform your life and build your way back into balance.

Group Experiences


More than just a passive relaxation moment, with a mix of my skills and intuition, on groups experiences I provide a space for inner awareness, powerful insights, deep release of stress, and some exploration of one or more of the techniques I’m trained on, depending on the program. It is always a confidential and safe place. It can be as participative as you wish – but I promise you will always get involved, either sharing your thoughts with the group or not.

Private Group Experiences


Tailored to the specific needs of the group: 

From private groups of friends seeking for a special experience together, a party or a celebration with more purpose;

To corporate sessions - gifting the benefit of personal consideration towards your employees and a sense of union between them.

I can either go to you or, if you prefer so, I can also arrange space hiring and catering.

Public Events


If you are curious about Energetic Healing, Meditation Techniques, or Bach Flower Therapy, but are insecure to jump in and book an appointment, simply because you have never tried anything like this before, then there might be a good opportunity to get a taste of it:

I also host public events with the purpose of Broadening Awareness, so that more people can get a feel of the work before committing to a program with me.


My Public Events are held at curated studios around London where I can find a great energy and calming environment. 
They can be very creative and explore more of spiritual aspects, as well as daily life issues.


Have a look at what's on below, and join me at one of those experiences.

You might even find some very special events co-hosted with other experienced and loving practitioners whom I trust and enjoy working along with.