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I don’t want your problems to magically disappear.

I recently approached a Psychiatrist MD to understand how the medical society sees the relevance of complementary care, more specifically of holistic talking therapies for their patients' recovery and also for good mental health maintenance. I decided to reach out and have this chat, because for the past year, year and a half, I have had the feeling that people come to me expecting that just by being in the same room with me it will magically dissipate their problems and make their lives easier. I don’t want your issues to disappear magically. I want you to understand WHY they are a problem TO YOU. I want you to be able to see them through different eyes and fresh points of view. To learn how to identify in your own personality and life story patterns, also the triggers that are now making you suffer, to have and be in conflicts,. And ultimately, I want you to find a way to use that information to your benefit and stop that pattern. Do you see the difference? I see many people taking prescription drugs and forgetting about all of this internal work. Or even giving up on their medicine on the first sight of side effects, because they feel alone on this journey. Why are they not talking to a professional on a regular basis? Why are they feeling like a walking diagnosis tag, as opposed to a whole person, with an issue - or several - to work on? I’ve been asked why am I distancing myself from spirituality. Well, I’m not. And it’s not that I’m not happy with my practice. Spiritually is still an integrative part of the whole human being. I love my practice. I believe in it with every part of my being. I also believe that unless we unite forces and be able to bring knowledge about emotional education and emotional intelligence to more people, emotional wellbeing and mental health will always be bad words. I approached a doctor in search of how we ( by we I mean the medical class, psychotherapists and the so-called alternative or holistic therapists) can work together in making this (exploring emotions, talking about feelings) a common sense, given fact. To break the taboo and include people into processes of knowing themselves intimately, into trying natural therapies to help with side effects of needed allopathic medicine, and making feelings and emotions a common and easy conversation to have on our daily lives. Like brushing our teeth. Who's with me?

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