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Can awareness of non-duality and a full experience of being human co-exist?

As we seek Personal Growth and Spiritual Development, we come across this beautiful thing that is Consciousness, as a result of pure awareness. We then become detached from the self, from our thoughts and from feelings, which grants us a state of peace.

But should we dismiss our human experience and feelings once we reach it?

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Much has been said about awareness and how the realisation of non-duality can help us be freed from suffering and all negative emotion by detachment of the self. Which is mind blowing – or should I say soul dissolving?

But what worries me is that the whole thing can be confused and applied as a denial or as a shortcut. I’ll explain what I mean.

It is liberating to realise that we are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings, that our circumstances are unchangeable and just a provocation for us to become aware that they don’t matter and that there isn’t, in fact, a separation – there isn’t I & others, there is only one and what we see as problems are actually mere illusions.


But every time we simply jump into that conclusion when we are confronted with our feelings and thoughts, we are missing the experience of existence.

The long way would be to first acknowledge what we are feeling. Acknowledge what we are thinking. And to feel our feelings and to think our thoughts. Next, we can begin to become aware of why we are feeling those feelings and thinking those thoughts. By being aware of what we’re feeling and thinking, and of why we are feeling and thinking that way, we can then become aware that whatever and whomever caused those feelings and thoughts, were not really the causes, and that we don’t actually know what others are feeling and thinking nor why they did what they did. They are mere triggers. A kind of “false-reality”.

That is a beautiful thing to experience, to become aware, and then become conscious. We realise that nothing is real and nothing is separate. It helps us release all sorrow, suffering, anger, resentment – for nothing is important, and nothing is real.

Now, my point is, you could jump straight into that state of consciousness when facing anything – pleasant or not – in life, but when we acknowledge our feelings and thoughts, rather then dismissing it upfront, we experience our human condition, our experience as a human being.

We were given this gift, this human experience, so why deny it? When we skip it altogether and go straight to the awareness of non-duality, we miss all of this experience. We miss the love, the joy, the bliss.

When we do that, we are either in denial (of the opportunity of feeling), or missing an important present we were given.

We could just “be peace” and not shaken by any hurricane nor tsunamis. But we’d miss the love, the flowers, the sun.

Of course, achieving expanded awareness is another beautiful gift. An amazing realization that will always help us to return to peace.

But let us not be numb. Let us allow ourselves to experience human existence, while reminded to keep a strong self-awareness and move in the pathway to pure spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Why not have a full experience of human existence while cultivating the awareness of non-duality at the same time?

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