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Dora de Almeida Prado

Holistic Practitioner

From Social Communications Bachelor - to family business administrator - to burnt-out.

And then to a harmonic, happy lifestyle.


“My own story helped me find my true calling, a career that not only keeps me in balance and fulfilled but also allows me to help others manage stress, anxiety, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and ultimately to find their centre, their peace – and also a lifestyle that resonates with their own truth.


For many years I was also part of this crazy, fast-paced, stressful lifestyle and that has cost me my peace of mind, my sense of priority and nearly my sanity. 


After living a burnout experience, I decided to do something radical about it and go on a quest to find my true self, to discover how I could lead a life that would both keep me in peace with myself and the world I live in. It was not easy - nor quick. I had to go through many phases, live different situations and for a long time, I could see no pathway ahead of me.


Eventually, I found my way. I am very grateful for everything I had to experience in the process, for it brought me here."


Dora is now a Holistic Practitioner, trained in various modalities of complementary therapies and healing techniques.


Her passion for assisting people into being the masters of their own lives has driven Dora to a practice that incorporates her skills and intuition, delivering a safe space for individuals to de-stress allowing her to facilitate their self-realization, the uncovering of their inner truth & peace thus empowering them to thrive - emotionally, spiritually and physically.




Ernie, from London

Was my first time that i experience meditation with Dora.Was a very stresfull period for me as i have a very busy lifestyle.The results was amazing.I felt quiet relaxed after the treatment.I made serious decision about my life.It helped me reduse unhealthy attitudes.I defenetly recommened everyone to try .

Renata SelmaReis, London

 Dora is a warm and very sensitive. The group meditation experience was powerful and each one described as feeling a shift on their energy level, including myself. it was amazing and powerful experience and I highly recommend Dora's Tetha healing session for her natural wisdom and knowledge. 

Maria, from London

I had a online Theta Healing session with Dora a few days ago, and it was the first time I experienced Thetha Healing. Dora was great. The information that I was asked to provide before the session was a great way to get a few things of my chest, and I felt so safe to share this with her. The technology used for the online session was very good, easy to connect to and worked perfectly during the session. As we started the session Dora’s input on the issues we discussed made me see things from a different angle, which was amazing. The emotional release I experienced during the Thetha manifested physically and I could feel my body shaking some moments (when Dora was working on certain blockages I hold). After the session I felt light and happy and I feel as if my mind is clear. Dora is so kind and loving and I look forward to our next session.

Ewa T.S., London

Dora has a calm aura and a soothing energy. This combination certainly helped me achieve some degree of internal calm whilst following her meditation.