Dora de Almeida Prado

Holistic Practitioner

Dora De Almeida Prado is a Holistic Therapist with a difference. A name adorned in the little black book of those in the know, she provides a collective of therapies within one single practice.


With Dora’s expert guidance, credentials & knowledge, her clients can say goodbye to negative conditions such as chronic stress, melancholy, relationship & anger issues by increasing their emotional consciousness & self-awareness. Then, with this newfound enlightenment, they can subsequently say hello to a life that's clearer, calmer & more balanced.



Bringing an Integrated Approach to Wellbeing that leads to the highest levels of contentment and health.
Body + Mind + Soul​
Self-Care & Self-Awareness
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing
Individual Consultations
Group Experiences​

Talking Therapy based on Holistic Techniques

for Emotional Consciousness and Self-awareness

 "Meaning I help you achieve deep self-knowledge to better navigate your own emotions, your social interactions, your mental states, and to balance your lifestyle at every stage and situation you might find yourself at."

Areas of Expertise

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies (or Essences) are Liquid Remedies that focus on emotions and personality traits.


A mental training, using theta brainwave to reprogram reprogram yourself, consciously, to a higher quality of life.

Meditation Guidance

There are many techniques for meditation. Find the most compatible to your lifestyle.


A transfer of energy which frees the senses

Yin Yoga for

Stress & Burnout

for peace of mind and a break from the chaotic daily life

Tuning Forks

Balance your nervous system, improve energy flow and promote spiritual awareness


Consultation rooms in London:

Pimlico    -    Mayfair    -    South Kensington    -    Battersea

Or worldwide via video chat.

Contact Me

Book your First Contact Assessment Call with me.

During this call we will discuss your situation to determine which type of program will best suit you and we'll start designing your own course of sessions.

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