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Dora de Almeida Prado

Holistic Practitioner

With more than a decade's experience working in the corporate environment before making the shift in her lifestyle – and having suffered from burn out herself, Dora knows a thing or two about going through severe stress and finding light at the other side of the tunnel.


Her trainings on different modalities of holistic therapies and healing techniques, give her the flexibility to mix and match as suited, to better adapt and help her clients in a unique way so that they can find their peace of mind, regain harmony and sustain a balanced lifestyle - as well as offer guidance for those seeking for a deeper meaning in life.



Bringing an Integrated Approach to Wellbeing that leads to the highest levels of contentment and health.
Individual Consultations

Just you and me - in person in London, or worldwide via video call.
You have my undivided attention in a completely confidential environment.

This way we can dig deeper into your specific needs and situation.

Group Experiences​

While the techniques can be very relaxing, the exchange of insights are always very enriching, and you can choose to share your thoughts with the others or just take everything in.

I offer two different formats of Group Experiences:

Talking Therapy based on Holistic Techniques

for Emotional Consciousness and Self-awareness

 Meaning I help you achieve deep self-knowledge to better navigate your own emotions, your social interactions, your mental states, and to balance your lifestyle at every stage and situation you might find yourself at.

Areas of Expertise

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies (or Essences) are Liquid Remedies that focus on emotions and personality traits.


A mental training, using theta brainwave to reprogram reprogram yourself, consciously, to a higher quality of life.

Meditation Guidance

There are many techniques for meditation. Find the most compatible to your lifestyle.


A transfer of energy which frees the senses

Yin Yoga for

Stress & Burnout

for peace of mind and a break from the chaotic daily life

Tuning Forks

Balance your nervous system, improve energy flow and promote spiritual awareness


Contact Me

Book your First Contact Assessment Call with me.

During this call we will discuss your situation to determine which type of program will best suit you and we'll start designing your own course of sessions.